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From printshop to print service provider

Printed Products on paper is still today our core business, but products are very rarely just printed products. They are often a result of a larger marketing and communication project and this involves us in a lot of project management and logistic activities.

We have experience and skills to manage these kinds of projects to ensure that the printed product ends at the right person.

We mainly work with three core business areas as: Graphic Production, Magazines & Journals and Pharma Artwork Creation.

Graphic Production

In our everyday life we strive to be at the cutting edge of technology by having the right and relevant tools available. Our IT systems are the state of the art and we work with IT solutions which are able to communicate with your ERP- and ordering systems.

Our use of the different IT systems and tools ensure a great flow between ordering, producing and delivering the products, as we experience an effective communication between our co-workers and the systems.

 We Offer

  • Inhouse Production: Offset and digital print, books, all type of folders, brochures and catalogues, large format printing
  • Post Processing: Prepress, finishing and fulfillment, foliation and variable print, saddlestiched/softcover/hardcover, perfect bound/wire-o-binding
  • Warehouse: Options of warehouse storage
  • Logistic Services: Packaging, worldwide distribution

Magazines and Journals

In our everyday life we work with more than 100 titles and we have great experience and knowledge about creating magazines and journals. We know that the process can be difficult and time consuming. Therefore, we developed a tool that mutually helps you optimize and streamline the production of your magazine or journal.

Our online and editorial tool, Infolink, is helpful for both the editor and the editorial staff as it serves to simplify and organize the process of the magazine and journal production.

Infolink offers a well-structured workflow platform as it updates the editor and editorial staff on the organization of the magazine continuously. Additionally, Infolink implies better and easier communication and the result is great cooperation between the customer and the supplier.

Simple and Easy Procedures

With our concept, we offer to help you through the entire process of the magazine of journal production. We want the creation of a magazine to be fun, easy and simple – and with our expert knowledge and our different tools and systems – we help you through the process from the first editorial meeting to the final product delivered at end user.

We Offer

  • Editorial Tools: Infolink, image and article database, web-based proofreading tool
  • Design Optimization: Graphic designers, editorial brainstorming, online configurations
  • Distribution: Logistics, packaging, shipping
  • Post Processing: Foliation, inserts, sampling
  • Advising: Plan of production, dispatch, material selection, commercial potential
  • Production & Planning: Image database, full inhouse production, media communication/advertisement

Pharma Artwork Creation

In this specialized field we work hard to deliver error free artwork and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry. We work in close cooperation with key customers to improve efficiency, reduce time to market and deliver good and reliable results. We are happy to accommodate your specific requirements in order to create a product suitable for your company.

Artwork Procedures

We have well implemented procedures and specific design manuals for our artwork creation and prepress production in order to be compliant. The artwork creation and production are created and filed in a secure IT environment. Also, our work procedures are well implemented in GMP in order to deliver great quality assurance and quality control before, in and after the production of the product.

In the artwork creation department, we have well educated, highly skilled and experienced artwork designers ready to assist you in the process.

We Offer

  • Boxes
  • Leaflets / Booklets
  • Blister Foils